Friday, April 11, 2014

Easter Time is almost here!

Easter, is one of my favorite holidays; my kids too! No matter how young or old, there is just something about coloring Easter eggs, waiting for Easter morning to come, all the goodies, and of course dressing up in your best to go to church. Plus, there is the fun afternoon with family and friends, Easter egg hunts, and an Easter feast.

Easter of course brings with it fun learning opportunities. There are several ways to incorporate the holiday into your studies. Maybe you would like to teach how to make your own natural dye, so you can make natural Easter eggs this year.  Below is a chart on how to create those colors.

            Natural Easter Egg Dyes

, Natural Easter Egg Dyes-Colored Easter Eggs Using Natural Dyes., 2014. April 3, 2014.
LavenderSmall Quantity of Purple Grape Juice
Violet Blossoms plus 2 tsp Lemon Juice
Red Zinger Tea
Violet BlueViolet Blossoms
Small Quantity of Red Onions Skins (boiled)
Hibiscus Tea
Red Wine
BlueCanned Blueberries
Red Cabbage Leaves (boiled)
Purple Grape Juice
GreenSpinach Leaves (boiled)
Liquid Chlorophyll
Greenish YellowYellow Delicious Apple Peels (boiled)
YellowOrange or Lemon Peels (boiled)
Carrot Tops (boiled)
Celery Seed (boiled)
Ground Cumin (boiled)
Ground Turmeric (boiled)
Chamomile Tea
Green Tea
Golden BrownDill Seeds
BrownStrong Coffee
Instant Coffee
Black Walnut Shells (boiled)
Black Tea
OrangeYellow Onion Skins (boiled)
Cooked Carrots
Chili Powder
Cranberries or Juice
Red Grape Juice
Juice from Pickled Beets
RedLots of Red Onions Skins (boiled)
Canned Cherries with Juice
Pomegranate Juice

Or maybe an in depth look into the origin of Easter is something you rather do. Of course there are always themed Easter word lists, games, and of course fun Easter crafts.

Whatever you decided to do, I hope you have a Happy Easter!

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