Monday, March 24, 2014

Spring is Here!

It seems like just last week it was still winter... O' wait, it was!
Seriously, though, it is hard to believe that spring is already here. Since it is one of my favorite seasons, minus the allergies, I am delighted.  So, how are we planning to add some "spring" into our homeschool classroom?

                                      A Spring Unit Study of course!

Wondering what a unit study is? Well, don’t worry. They are super easy to do. The hardest part is deciding on a topic. Once you choose your topic, you just combine the different subjects, with the theme in mind. There is no set time line for a unit study. It can be long or short, done over a day or two or several weeks. You can do them alongside your regular curriculum or all by itself, with tons of activities or just a few. That is the fun thing about them, you get to decide.

We will be doing our unit study alongside our regular studies. Some of  the spring inspired activities will be to read,  One and Only Miss Violet Remy, The by Angie Renich, which also has some great spelling games that you can use from
We are also taking a field trip to a butterfly garden. We love them and go every year :)