Wednesday, February 15, 2012

In the Moment

Our children learn so much from us. Sometimes that is really scary! Yet, in light of all of the moments in every day that we spend with them,there are times that we can really take advantage of to teach them awesome life lessons.

Some people refer to these opportunities as "teachable moments." That is exactly what they are. They are incidental moments in which our children have done something or are invovled in something that just naturally lead us into teaching them!

Keep your eyes peeled for these opportunities. These moments don't come everyday... and it's these moments that usually give our children the most meaningful lessons that stick with them throughout life. Use the teachable moments of life...

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Get Your 5th Grader Thinking

One of the buzz words in education today is critical thinking skills. Yes, over the past decades we have allowed this area of education to become very neglected. In fact, it is so covered in cobwebs that most of us can't even tell you what it is.

Critical thinking is that ability of a child to logically reason through situations and experiences. In the past, critical thinking was taught to students through the lessons of logic and the rigorous requirements of classical education. The study of logic is an ancient study. One that brought us the great philosophers of the enlightenment. So, why have we neglected this?

It really is simple. There is just not enough time in schools to get all the children to the levels that they need to be at (to keep funding or accreditation). So, there just really isn't time for the uneccessary stuff like critical thinking, art, and even music classes. WAIT! That is just wrong. Critical thinking is necessary and so is art and music. Homeschoolers have the freedom and time to include this in their studies. It can be included even for young students by doing fun puzzle games and logic games. Don't forget to get your child thinking!