Sunday, June 1, 2014

Summer School

Summer is here and just like public/private schools, for many homeschoolers, this is the time of year that they also take time off from their day to day studies. However, for “year-rounders” like me, we choose to continue lessons throughout the summer. Does this mean we never take a vacation?! No, we do. We just take our vacation time, throughout the year, when we choose to.

If you're interested in homeschooling during the summer. There are some fun online summer school programs available to use. Not wanting to jump on the “year-rounders” band wagon yet, but still would like something educational for your kiddos to do over the summer? You can always create a reading list for your child to complete over the summer or have them do some free learning games on the internet. 
A summer themed  unit study is always easy to do and fun! You can either buy one already put together or create one your self. Also, don't forget all those fun, sunny, educational field trips you can take to places like the beach, zoo, etc. ;)