Friday, June 15, 2012

Strengths = Success

The traditional method of teaching a child by determining all the areas that children are deficient in and then focusing on those areas in their learning is not the most beneficial method of education. Children often don't do well in an area simply because they are not proficient in it. It may just be an inherent inability. We often focus on these deficiencies and the student can only see that they aren't measuring up.

However, if we change our focus of education to majoring on a child's strengths and encouraging them to really pursue those things that they do well on - this can make a huge difference in how they learn. Finding your child's strengths and discovering homeschool curriculum or materials that help them to develop and grow these strengths can change their entire outlook on learning. Instead of focusing on the negative, they are focusing on the positive and they find confidence and strength in doing well!

Friday, June 1, 2012

Grammar Studies for Fifth Graders

Learning grammar may not be the most exciting studies that we have our children do, but it has meaning and relevance to many other subjects. Grammar study can be difficult and most children don't just "love" it. Yet, the study of grammar is definitely one of those foundation studies that is essential.

Grammar studies can help your student become a better writer, and even a better reader. As they study grammar the principles of language become intrinsic to them, and therefore enables them to understand proper syntax. In fact, a good writer is a writer who uses good syntax and grammar. It makes it easy to understand writing when the words flow. Good grammar makes this possible.

Grammar also makes us able to answer questions clearly and concisely. Grammar study also enables students to be successful in other subjects when writing projects and papers. So, clearly grammar study is beneficial to not only the 5th grade Language Arts, but to all other subjects as well.