Thursday, September 4, 2014

Teaching Typing

Since we are living in the age of computers, I think learning the skill of typing is important. Besides the need to be able to type for school/college, one day when your kids grow up and are in the work place, they may need to type for their job.  Now, I know most of us can do the “one finger peck”((LOL)), but in most jobs, that will not be sufficient enough to finish a typing project in a reasonable amount of time. Learning the proper way to type, will definitely help to be able to increase ones speed, and reduce any typing errors.  So, you may be wondering, how do you teach this?  Besides showing your children how to type, or creating paragraphs for them to practice with, there are some awesome free resources that can help. There are free typing speed test that will time your child, while keeping track of their errors, as well as some free typing games that they can do. This really is a great age to start teaching your kids this valuable skill. Even if they never use it in their professional career, it will certainly serve a purpose when they are writing essays for school/college, or blogs for fun! ;)