Thursday, March 15, 2012

Instilling a Love for Reading

As we've talked about before, reading is the gateway to knowledge. Every language and every culture has admitted this. Even ancient writing, such as the Bible tell us that knowledge and wisdom are found through study. Yet, bringing that realization to a love and desire to actually read is another situation.

Instilling in your child a love of reading as they are learning to read, is not easy, but it can be accomplished through EXPOSING them to good literature, good reading examples, and to good libraries. I have seen even my reluctant 10 year old son get excited when entering a library full of good books. There is just something about the stacks of stories, adventures, and interesting facts that just call to you.

Grow a love for reading in your child by reading with them and reading to them. Fifth grade is not too old to still have read alouds with their family. Enjoy it together and see the love grow!

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