Sunday, July 15, 2012

Put some Spring into Your Homeschool

Some people homeschool year round, either using their regular curricula or a summer school program, while others just stick with the summer off schedule. I personally, like the latter simply because it gives me the much needed break that I require to get recharged and ready for another year. It may also be because I am a teacher and some habits break hard... Yet, each year as school is winding down and we are trying to put the finishing touches on our last few lessons. Things seem to get tedious. The weather is beautiful and no one wants to be inside. We all get ready to be finished with schoolwork. Yet, finish we must...

There's no reason you should suffer through monotonous final days... change things up... energize the whole bunch to get through the last few days with a bang. Give yourself a change of scenery - have school in the back yard! If that doesn't work, take a day off and go have some fun. Have a picnic or go fishing - or go to the zoo. Give them an opportunity to enjoy the beautiful weather, and then having refreshed yourselves - you can dive back in to finish!

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