Sunday, January 1, 2012

The Blame Game

Homeschooling is an adventure! Wouldn't you agree? I am not new to homeschooling, as I have been doing it for quite some time, and the further we go on this journey - the more I see that it is a great adventure. Every day we learn something - even if it is something that we shouldn't do! We can learn from mistakes as well as from the perfect and right way to do something.

When something you've been working on in your homeschool goes awry... don't focus on the problem... and don't play the "Blame Game." Sadly, I am speaking from experience. I have so often picked a bad curriculum or just didn't teach the kids something right and then beat myself up over my failure. I want to hang around there and just play that blame game until I feel that I have punished myself enough.

Do yourself a favor and don't go there. Everyone makes mistakes. In fact, making mistakes is how we learn not to do something! So,if you've had some problems with homeschooling over the past few months... don't let it get you down. Just learn from your mistakes and move on!

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