Thursday, December 15, 2011

Teaching 5rd graders Character Qualities

The core subjects, foreign language, science projects, music lessons, ball teams... we teach our children many things each day of their lives. But do we as parents keep in mind that our children need to be taught character qualities that will serve them for the rest of their lives?

Character qualities are those things that make the difference between being a good person and a great person. George Washington, Abraham Lincoln, John Adams, these are what I think of when I hear of character qualities that can make a person great. These men were more than just nice people. They lived honesty, dilligence, patience, and strove each day to be what they believed was a good man.

Dilligently teaching our children to live the character qualities of mercy, justice, honesty, thankfulness, humbleness, dilligence, and hard work is becoming more difficult. The culture in which we live no longer values these characteristics. Even though the great men that we see as leaders of our times exhibit these characteristics. Though it may no longer be the "politically correct" way to teach our children - character qualities are never out of style.

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