Thursday, December 1, 2011

Get 'Em Reading

Reading is one of those absolutely necessary subjects that really make or break how your child learns. Learning to read is essential. We use it in all types of learning from math to science, from technology to music. Reading is the foundation to learning - the gateway to knowledge. So, getting our children reading for fun and for enjoyment is paramount to breaking beyond the "reading cuz I have to" syndrome.

Yet, the underlying question is - How? How do we get our children from reading to reading for recreation? My best advice is to take them to the library, buy them good classic books that have inspired readers for generations, and show them the importance of reading by example. There are awesome online reading programs out there as well that will really get your child interested. If they can see that reading is important to all members of their family, they will realize that it must be essential for life. Remember that old adage, "More is caught than taught?" Your child will catch the reading bug if they can see it exhibited in your life!

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